Cindy K.

I just read the story of Candy in the Detroit Free Press and immediately went to her beautiful website. It is heartbreaking to imagine the talented, gentle soul of this beautiful young woman in such torment. Something must be done to further education about the debilitating illnesses that rob these gifted souls of their joy in life.

My 20 year old daughter Caitlin took her life on a cold January day in 2000. She too was a beautiful, talented student, loved and cared for by family and friends. I too believe the mental health system does not see the seriousness of their cry for help.

My heart aches with Candy’s friends and her mother. I would like to help. Please contact me if I can in any way. This anguish cannot be borne alone. It has only been through the caring words of those who have also experienced this particular loss of a child that I have been able to go on.