Dinu Luca

I have hardly known Candy. I must have met her twice, at Mad Hatter’s, and nothing more. But the grief and sadness that have engulfed me upon hearing the news of her passing are here to stay. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that email from Michigan. Then I visited the web-page and read a lot and saw a lot and found out a lot about her. About her talents, and preoccupations and mostly about her search. Yours was not a child that could stop searching, Jing, that’s how she looks to me. Yours was a child who had to explore, who had to go through things, touch them gently with her eyes or her mind or her breath and get to know them. That’s her art and mostly her web-page told me.

Truly a journey, truly the tunnel. I recited in my mind the Tibetan prayer that you put on line and I somehow felt very deeply touched inside and very silent. I would almost say that I could communicate with this complete stranger and tell her, wherever she is, to fare well and peacefully.