Caitlin Dronen

Ethiopia is place that is very difficult to explain unless you’ve been there. It’s one of the most confusing and contradicting places I’ve ever been to in my life. The only thing constant was inconsistency. There were constant highs and lows, some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen and some of saddest. In comparison to America Ethiopia would definitely be considered an impoverished country, but I found myself jealous of their lifestyle in many ways. Ethiopians have strong connections to each other, to their land, to their religion, and to their continent as a whole. The Ethiopian people from everything I could see were very hard workers that could utilize anything…left nothing to waste. Our travels ranged from the country to the capital city and each area had different things to offer whether it was the landscape, historical monuments, or simply images that contradict the negative connotations that come with African countries. It’ll be a long time before I fully get my head around Ethiopia, but this was a life changing experience for me, I’m just not sure how yet.