Elizabeth Tebeau

The whole experience was really amazing. I had the opportunity to work with wonderful faculty in superb studios. The highlight of the trip was the traveling and exploring we did in Scandinavia. Our regular classes involved weekly visits to museums, galleries and working artists’ studios. The visits to the studios were by far the most inspiring, they provided a window into the whole culture of design in that part of the world. We even met with the artist who designed the textiles for the Queen’s yacht! We also travelled in Sweden and Finland and saw the ways in which textile design can affect peoples lives. A particular church in Finland stands out. The interior of the church was all white and the only hint of color was a series of printed textiles around the altar. It was subtle, but the impact was amazing. We gathered all we took in to create our own textile designs that hung in the school’s gallery alongside other students’ work in glass and furniture.

Living and studying over there gave me a new sense of cultural awareness and respect. It also gave me independence in a way that can only happen thousands of miles from the familiar. As an artist I defiantly grew and came to understand design in a new way. I continue to draw on my experiences for inspiration.