Jackie Yu Jie

Jackie Yu Jie, a Chinese filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles, USA, made this video. Jackie studied in the Master’s Program in Film and Video at the California Institute of the Arts (LA). She first encountered Candy’s story in Art World, a Shanghai-based Chinese magazine. Moved by Candy’s art, Jackie flew to Boston in December 2003 to collect materials for a documentary she wanted to make. The video is made up of her interview of Jing Wang, Candy’s mother. She registered her thoughts on Candy as follows:

In the beginning.
She was a name on a piece of paper
She was a young lady I wish I would have had the chance to give her a hug.
She was Candy Wei

Unavoidably, along the way, we have heard or even seen many deaths. Mournful? Joyful? Anguished? Understandable? People always say, “Life is like a journey”.
How was Candy’s journey?

Although Candy chose to leave us for a different realm of existence, she still allows us to learn her, through her artworks, our memories and the documentary of sound and image. Candy’s talent, emotions, spirit are vividly reflected in different media.
The journey with Candy sails on.



Yu Jie approaches storytelling with diverse media. Her works range from experimental fantasy-portrait, to conceptual videography, and to narrative drama. In addition, she enjoys doing sound design and sound mix for animation, live action films and modern dance performance. 
 For more details of her work, please visit www.jyfilms.com.